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Roto Grip TNT Infused

The TNT Infused is the second release under the TNT nameplate for Roto Grip. Sharing the symmetrical Torpex core with the original TNT, this release

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DV8 Verge Hybrid

The DV8 Verge Hybrid uses the same symmetrical Threshold core design that was found in the Verge Solid and the original Verge from 2019. It

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Motiv Raptor Fury

Motiv’s new Raptor Fury pairs the symmetrical Affliction V2 core shape from the Sky Raptor with the new Leverage XFS Solid coverstock. Coming out of the

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Roto Grip Magic Gem

The Roto Grip Magic Gem uses the same asymmetrical Defiant LRG core design from the previous two Gems, paired with the MicroTrax Hybrid coverstock that

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Hammer NU Blue Hammer

Urethane bowling balls have been a hot topic in the bowling world over the last few years. Many bowlers have benefited from the earlier traction

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