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DV8 Hater

The Hater introduces a new coverstock and a new asymmetrical core design to the DV8 lineup. The new Hater weight block is a higher RG

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Ebonite Game Breaker 5

The Game Breaker 5 is the latest release in Ebonite’s famed Game Breaker line. This ball uses the same symmetrical Enhanced V2 core as all

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Controlling Ball Speed

Article Contents 1. Why you need multiple ball speeds 1.1. Understanding a bit more about friction and ball speed 1.2. The bowling ball matters 1.3.

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Radical Radical Conspiracy

Radical’s new Radical Conspiracy brings HK22 into the Conspiracy line. The last Conspiracy ball, the Conspiracy Scheme, was released two years ago with a solid coverstock

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Hammer Effect

The Effect introduces another high-flaring asymmetrical option into Hammer’s High Performance price point. This ball uses the new Huntsman core design, which features a lower

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Roto Grip Optimum Idol

Roto Grip’s original Idol became a go-to option for many touring professional and amateur tournament bowlers, so the new Optimum Idol is certainly a hotly-anticipated

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