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Physical Game Mismatches

Article Contents 1. Learning through imitation 1.1. Imitation in bowling 1.2. The dangers of imitation 2. The classic/modern crossfire 2.1. Adding a crossover step 2.2.

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Nuances of the Armswing

Article Contents 1. Differences in timing 1.1. The pushaway 1.2. Using muscle versus gravity 2. Swing paths 2.1. In-out-in loop 2.2. Out-in-out loop 2.3. The

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Controlling Ball Speed

Article Contents 1. Why you need multiple ball speeds 1.1. Understanding a bit more about friction and ball speed 1.2. The bowling ball matters 1.3.

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Less Spin, More Roll

Article Contents 1. Challenging your muscle memory 2. Changing your perspective 3. The challenge of being a spinner 3.1. Why you should reduce your axis tilt

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