The Ethos brings a new symmetrical core shape to the Brunswick line. This low RG (2.481″) and high differential (0.053″) design is surrounded by an HK22-based version of the Savvy Hook 4.0 Pearl coverstock. This is the update to the Savvy Hook shells that have been found on the Melee and Knock Out releases. The Ethos is finished at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound to provide a strong motion at the friction, wasting little energy in the front with a continuous motion at the back end.

Stroker found a very nice line to the pocket with the Ethos on the fresh medium oil pattern. The glossy box finish and pearl coverstock allowed him to be straighter through the front than he could be with the Perfect Mindset or the Knock Out Bruiser. The back end reaction was less than the Quantum Evo Pearl, also allowing him to play to his strengths of staying straighter through the front for the majority of the session. Stroker only needed to move his feet farther left and open his angles after duller balls had gone down the lane and eaten up the oil in the front and track area. The easy length from the Ethos was the key factor in Stroker’s very good reaction on the dry pattern. He really liked how well this ball shaped on the fresh, retaining plenty of reaction at the back end instead of rolling out in front of the pocket the way some balls do when he plays more open angles through the front of the lane. Stroker really liked how well this ball made the turn back to the pocket,

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