The Messenger PowerCOR Pearl returns to the Columbia 300 lineup with some upgrades over the Red/Blue version from the summer of 2022. The Black/Gold color scheme is a throwback to the Ti Messenger Pearl from the San Antonio Columbia 300 days, but this new release uses the modern HK22 – Reflex Pearl coverstock formulation. The Messenger PowerCOR weight block shares the same 2.515″ RG and 0.040″ differential with the previous Messenger PowerCOR Solid and Pearl. The change in coverstock makes this ball more responsive at the breakpoint and adds total hook compared to the previous edition, while still allowing it to match up best on medium oil to drier conditions.


Cranker loved the motion that the Messenger PowerCOR Black/Gold Pearl gave him on the fresh medium oil pattern. He had no trouble getting the ball to create enough traction in the midlane while having a very strong move at the breakpoint and back end. He was really happy with the amount of forgiveness this ball was able to create downlane, especially for its price point. He saw more total hook than the original Messenger PowerCOR Pearl, and he had a great look throughout the session. With less hook than the Kaboom, this ball would be the first out of his bag on this condition.

The dry test pattern gave Cranker more problems. While the ball provided good length, it was a bit too angular off the spot for the fresh portion of the test session. He had to work hard to keep it from jumping high, but the carry percentage was good. His look improved as the lanes broke down. As the pattern transitioned, the Messenger PowerCOR Black/Gold

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