The Piranha PowerCOR is the newest remake of a classic Columbia 300 ball with updated technology. The Piranha PowerCOR weight block uses new materials to simulate the dense nuggets that were previously used in older core designs. The medium RG (2.518″) keeps the Piranha PowerCOR from starting too early, while the high differential (0.055″) allows this release to have a large flare potential. The HK22 coverstock base formula that has captured the interest of all the Brunswick brands is used in addition to ERT+ Solid on this new release. The Piranha PowerCOR is finished with 500 and 2000 SiaAir, which allowed it to easily dig into the heaviest volume of oil we saw in our testing.

Stroker really liked how much hitting power the Piranha PowerCOR provided on the heavy oil test pattern. The ball effortlessly picked up very strongly in the midlane, creating plenty of total hook with the box finish. He had no trouble creating motion on the fresh, and he was easily able to move farther left with his feet and laydown point to find more oil in the front as the track started to break down. If he wanted something with a little more at the breakpoint, he could get into the Atlas. He also had plenty of options to go to if he wanted to stay straighter up the track area instead of moving deeper inside. On the medium pattern, the Piranha PowerCOR’s strong continuation allowed Stroker to swing the ball without it losing too much energy and straightening out at the back end. It wasn’t as angular for him as the Atlas, but it offered more length and angularity than the

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