The Fireball returns with a more aggressive coverstock and a new coat of paint. This new version, the Fireball Purple/Gold, uses the stronger HK22 – GB 11.2 Pearl coverstock compared to the HK22 – GB 10.7 Pearl veneer on the Fireball from last October. With this change, the Purple/Gold starts up a bit earlier and provides more overall hook than its predecessor. The Fireball core features a medium differential that keeps this ball on the low end of the hook scale, helping it match up best on medium to drier conditions.


Cranker had an excellent look on the medium oil pattern with the Fireball Purple/Gold. He could play right between where he lined up on this pattern with the Game Breaker 4 Hybrid and the original Fireball. With a motion that started up a bit sooner than the original, the Purple/Gold allowed Cranker to move left into the oil as the lanes broke down without reducing his speed. The 1500 SiaAir plus Factory Compound box finish allowed the ball to retain plenty of energy without being as sensitive to the oil. Despite liking the original, Cranker felt that this ball was an improvement for him, with more versatility throughout the testing session on this pattern.

Cranker was extremely impressed with his reaction on the dry pattern. The Fireball Purple/Gold effortlessly floated through the front, delaying its hook and letting him swing the ball more than he usually can on the fresh. The strong but controllable back end motion allowed him to use his normal release and have a terrific line to the pocket on a pattern he regularly struggles on. The ball easily handled the transition from reactive and urethane balls going down the lane. He had no reason

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