Motiv’s new Raptor Fury pairs the symmetrical Affliction V2 core shape from the Sky Raptor with the new Leverage XFS Solid coverstock. Coming out of the box at a 2000 grit sanded finish, this new veneer offers even more traction than the Leverage MFS cover that was used on the Black Venom and Pride Dynasty. The quick-revving, high-flaring core design, new aggressive coverstock, and dull box finish combined to create easy hook for all three of our testers.

Stroker was instantly a big fan of the motion that this ball created. The Raptor Fury dug in quickly, having no trouble on the heavy oil test pattern while providing more angularity than the Black Venom and Pride Dynasty. With more hook than the Primal Shock, Stroker saw the Raptor Fury’s strong continuation as a big benefit in transition. He could inch left and still see the ball make a strong move through the pins. The aggressive coverstock and dull box finish made the Raptor Fury a bit hard to control for Stroker on the fresh medium oil pattern. His reaction was still good, but he had to play farther inside than he’s used to and didn’t have as much room for error as he sometimes does. After sanding the ball to a smoother 4000 grit finish, he still had more hook than the Black Venom, but less than the Pride Dynasty. This surface change gave him a better overall reaction on this pattern for both the fresh and transition. Stroker liked what the Raptor Fury offered on the fresh sport pattern with the box

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