Motiv’s new Supra GT uses the high RG (2.57″) and medium differential (0.040″) Quadfire V2 symmetrical weight block, which is the same core that was previously featured inside the Supra Rally. It also uses the new Propulsion XRT Pearl coverstock that comes out of the box with a 5500 grit polished finish. This new cover was even cleaner for us than the Supra Rally’s Propulsion DRS Pearl veneer. The added length helped our testers who like to play straighter stay in the same zone for a very long amount of time across our test patterns.


Stroker really liked the motion of the Supra GT on our fresh dry test pattern. He could play right up the nine board, letting the strong move at the breakpoint get the ball through the pins. He didn’t need to make a single move the entire time on this pattern when the Supra GT was the only ball in play. After dull Microcell Polymer and urethane balls started also going down the lane, his adjustment to the carrydown was to move his eyes a little farther left, using the carrydown as hold while still seeing his ball go through the pins the right way. This ball’s ability to stay on its line so easily made it a very good option for him from start to finish on this condition. Balls like the Hyper Venom that offered more total hook required him to start moving his feet farther left and swinging the ball away from the pocket as the oil transitioned.

Stroker had the best reaction out of the three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. The game plan was the same as it was on the dry pattern, using very straight angles in

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