The Radical Rattler NU features the low RG and low differential Rattler Symmetric core for the third time in a Radical release, and it is paired up with the most significant change to the coverstock so far. It uses the Not Urethane formulation that was featured previously in the Hammer line, which comes out of the box sanded at 500/1000 SiaAir. While all three of our testers liked the motion and shape this ball made, especially going through the pins, Tweener easily had the best overall matchup across our test patterns.


Tweener didn’t quite know what to expect from the Rattler NU on his first few shots. The very rough cover helped it get into a very heavy roll off his hand, providing incredible drive through the pin deck. He quickly got comfortable on the lane and started moving left to see what the ball was capable of. It showed no signs of getting slowed down by the heavier oil in the middle of the lane, having plenty of traction from the dull box finish. He had room to miss both inside and outside of his target, along with plenty of pin carry. He didn’t need to wipe the cover down between shots, and while the motion was different from all other current Radical balls, it was very good and very useful for him from start to finish on this condition.

Tweener had the best reaction out of the testers on the dry pattern as well. He could get faster with his ball speed on this shorter oil condition, playing the same line as on the medium pattern. The sanded Not Urethane cover blended out the shorter

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