The Roto Grip Magic Gem uses the same asymmetrical Defiant LRG core design from the previous two Gems, paired with the MicroTrax Hybrid coverstock that was found on the RST X-1 and RST X-3. Coming out of the box at a 2000 Abralon finish, the hybrid cover gives the Magic Gem a stronger back end motion than the original Gem. This ball really stood out for all three of our bowlers on our heavy oil test pattern.

Stroker liked how easily the Magic Gem was able to create traction on the fresh heavy oil pattern. He had no trouble getting his ball to pick up on this slick condition. He saw more back end motion than he had with the original Gem, along with more total hook than his RST X-3. The dull finish had no issues digging through the heaviest part of the pattern if he missed a bit inside of his target. In transition, he could increase his ball speed, stay in the same part of the lane, and continue striking just as much as he did on the fresh. Stroker had the best reaction of the three bowlers on the medium oil pattern. He left a few more nine-counts on this pattern, which kept his rating slightly lower than it was on the heavy oil pattern. Once the oil started to break down and he needed to move left, he still saw plenty of motion and

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