The TNT Infused is the second release under the TNT nameplate for Roto Grip. Sharing the symmetrical Torpex core with the original TNT, this release features the eTrax Hybrid cover that comes out of the box with a polished Reacta Gloss finish. The TNT Infused cleared the fronts much better and turned the corner much harder for our testers compared to both the duller TNT and the Tour Dynam-X. It excelled on our medium oil pattern, and it was one of the rare balls that each tester could use with some success across all four of our test patterns.

Stroker gave this ball the best total ranking across the four patterns. On the medium oil condition, the TNT Infused provided a very good combination of midlane traction and a strong back end motion. He had no trouble getting this ball to recover from farther right, letting him play some swing through the front part of the lane. He also had enough midlane hook to easily move inside as the track area started to have more friction in transition. With no need to change the surface, he saw a big difference between the TNT Infused and the original TNT. Stroker had the best reaction out of the three bowlers on the dry test pattern. His release cleared the front much better and provided a more forward motion downlane than what the other bowlers saw. He had more total hook than his Duo, letting him start farther left with his laydown and allowing him to get this ball farther outside

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