When fans of bowling sit down and have a friendly debate on who the greatest bowler of all time is, it never takes long before someone mentions this month’s featured bowler, Jason Belmonte. Looking beyond his incredible on-lane accomplishments, it is also safe to say that Belmo has managed to revolutionize the entire sport.

I recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of the seven-time Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year award winner and ask him a few questions.

What was your first year in bowling?

I started bowling when I was one and a half years old. So, the year was 1985.

Who was the coach, or coaches, who helped guide you along your path?

No coach for me. I’ve been self-taught my whole career.

Was there a player you watched when you were younger who inspired you to become better?

No one player specifically. However, I do love watching Norm Duke the most. I enjoyed the way he saw the game. I try to see elements from every player that make them champions and see if I can learn from them and incorporate them into my game somehow.

When did you decide you wanted to dedicate your life to bowling?

I dedicated myself to my craft when I was around 16. I knew then that I wanted to take my career as far as it could, but it would, however, require me to quit all the other sports.

At this point in your career, what do you view as your biggest win?

Breaking the major record at the PBA World Championship at Thunderbowl was a pretty remarkable moment. Needing a strike-spare to do it and doubling to win number 11 will be a moment that’s hard …

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